We sat down with the founder of new online music marketplace AC55ID to find out what they’re doing differently.

What is AC55ID and why did you decide to launch the platform?

From my experience running a label, I recognized the industry’s reliance on platforms like Bandcamp and Beatport.  So I founded AC55ID to offer a compelling alternative. AC55ID facilitates the sale of digital, vinyl, and merchandise plus offer on-demand vinyl pressing services and a top-tier fulfilment centre. Yes! we ship to your fans.

I was also inspired by the success of Bandcamp Fridays, which saw them waiving its revenue share on for one day every month. AC55ID has taken this idea a step further by consistently guaranteeing artists and labels an unprecedented 100% of their earnings. Our pledge covers all digital and physical sales throughout our marketplace, aiming to foster a fairer ecosystem for independent creators.

We’ve also integrated blockchain ledger technology into the platform. This brings transparency to sales amounts, fostering a trustworthy environment for both artists and buyers.

What other solutions does AC55ID offer artists and labels?

AC55ID empowers artists by allowing them to retain 100% of their earnings from both digital and physical sales, setting itself apart from platforms that typically deduct a percentage of the revenue. The platform operates on a subscription model, eliminating the need for traditional revenue-sharing practices. Contrast this with selling €1000 on Beatport, where a substantial €400 goes towards commissions. At AC55ID, artists can keep the entirety of their earnings, paying just €10 for individuals and €29 for labels. We go beyond by offering on-demand vinyl pressing services and a top-tier fulfilment centre, making the process hassle-free. Our dedicated warehouse efficiently handles and ships merch and vinyl to fans, all covered in the subscription cost. Furthermore, our on-demand vinyl pressing services provide musicians with a risk-free opportunity to press their music onto vinyl. This is supported by a fan-powered campaign that ensures a streamlined process for artists to bring their music to a vinyl format.

Who else is using AC55ID right now and what can be found on the platform?

Freshly launched just last month, AC55ID is steadily evolving into a bustling marketplace for an eclectic mix of labels and artists. Notable recent additions include Nechto Records by DJ Nastia and Be As One Imprint by Shlomi Aber. With new labels bringing in their catalogs, expect an ever-expanding list of artists featuring names like Truncate, Marco Faraone, R.M.K, ANNĒ, and more. The platform offers a variety of content and services, from on-demand vinyl pressing to artist mixes and merchandise, with a spotlight on the exclusive Vinylkast series. This series not only features exclusive unreleased bonus tracks but also includes interviews with renowned artists like Steve Rachmad, Anja Schneider, Avision, Lisa Bella Donna, Carlo Lio, and an exciting lineup of other fascinating figures and artists on the horizon.

What are some of the barriers you have faced while launching the platform?

People often express a desire for more and better but are afraid to embrace the unfamiliar. We understand this resistance. That’s why we extend our support to individuals and smaller labels too, assisting them with the onboarding process. Because we’re not seeking exclusivity and we help them get live on the platform, labels and artists have nothing to lose. This has been pivotal in fostering acceptance and greatly increased the number of labels distribute with us.

How do you curate and promote your VinylKast series and what’s it all about

VinylKast is a limited edition release and collectors item, only 20 copies are available worldwide. As you can expect each editions sells out quickly, making this series highly sought-after and rare collectibles in the aftermarket. Fans are drawn to the series for its unique combination of visual and auditory experiences. The inclusion of artist interviews on vinyl, coupled with the allure of picture discs, adds an extra layer of appeal, allowing fans to connect with them on a more personal level, deepening the overall listening experience. Moreover, each release includes a special unreleased bonus track, contributing an element of exclusivity and anticipation for collectors.

We craft the line-up of featured artists by blending our personal taste with selections from a diverse range of musical genres. This mix spans from iconic legends to promising emerging talents and incorporates input from industry experts and influential figures. The result is a series that resonates with a broad spectrum of music enthusiasts, contributing to its widespread appeal. Additionally, having Katie Knight as the host adds to the series’ allure. Her extensive industry experience over the years makes her a valuable presence, enhancing the overall quality of the project.

How do you ensure the quality and sustainability of your vinyl production and fulfilment services?

Our fulfilment centres, located in Europe and the US, are built to scale, offering artists and labels the flexibility to split merchandise shipments. This not only optimizes shipping costs for fans but also makes artists’ and labels’ products more accessible worldwide.

In vinyl pressing, we employ state-of-the-art NEWBILT Machinery, ensuring the highest quality production through rigorous quality control checks. Our operations prioritize efficiency and sustainability, utilizing advanced logistics to minimize waste and energy consumption. Sustainability is a core aspect of our practices, encompassing the use of eco-friendly materials and a continuous effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Embracing technological advancements keeps us at the forefront of industry standards, delivering services that are both high-quality and sustainable. Regular customer feedback surveys and transparent communication are integral to our ongoing efforts for improvement and excellence.

We hear there can be delays at vinyl factories. How will you ensure you’re able to fulfil demand of both buyers and labels in terms of scaling to demand?

Recognizing the potential for delays at vinyl factories, we’ve proactively addressed this challenge. AC55ID owns a dedicated vinyl pressing plant, a pivotal aspect of our platform’s foundation. This distinctive approach was a decisive factor in our platform’s inception, as we aimed to set ourselves apart by offering an unprecedented solution. Our commitment is to serve our ecosystem and clients seamlessly. The advantage of having our own pressing plant allows us to dynamically scale production as demand increases. Importantly, by exclusively pressing for our platform and subscribers, we liberate valuable space for our artists and labels.

What does it cost a label to produce vinyl and how long will it take? Is there a one off cost? Is there a minimum order?

When considering the production of vinyl through our platform, you have two distinct options:

On-Demand Pressing via Campaign: This method entails covering production costs through pre-orders in a campaign, eliminating any upfront expenses for you. However, it’s imperative to ensure the campaign achieves full funding through presales. If the target is not met, you retain the option to personally cover the remaining cost. Once the campaign meets its target, we will initiate the pressing and ship the copies to your fans within 4-6 weeks after the campaign has ended.

Direct Pressing: Opt for this route if you prefer to forego a campaign. Pricing can range from $650 and above based on your pressing preferences. Following your selection, we will promptly send you an invoice reflecting the pressing cost. The estimated timeframe for pressing under this option is 4-6 weeks.

In both scenarios, the minimum order requirement stands at 100 pieces.

What are your future plans and goals for AC55ID and how do you see the platform evolving in the electronic music industry

AC55ID is driven by a vision to empower independent labels and artists in the electronic music industry. Our approach involves expanding outreach, building connections with artists and labels, and introducing innovative services tailored to evolving community needs. Beyond serving as a mere distribution channel, our commitment is to actively contribute to the growth and sustainability of the electronic music community. Exclusively dedicated to the electronic music genre, we maintain a specialized and focused approach. Additionally, we envision bringing artists’ online merchandise to life in our physical shops—a massive platform for brand showcasing. This initiative provides fans with a tangible space to interact with their favorite artists’ merchandise, offering crucial support and enhancing brand visibility. Our overarching goal is to create a comprehensive and supportive ecosystem, fostering the success of independent labels and artists in the electronic music industry.

AC55ID invites artists, labels, and music enthusiasts to explore its platform and join a growing community dedicated to creating a fair ecosystem. For more information and sign-up, visit AC55ID. Plus, celebrate our launch with a special early access offer: sign up before July 31st with code AR2024 at https://www.ac55id.com/ for a complimentary one-month subscription.