Hailing from Faro, Portugal, the duo, consisting of Eliseu Correia and Justino Santos, aka The Bubba Brothers‘ unique blend of House, Techno, Progressive House, and Tribal House, has seen them touring stages around the globe.

Hi guys, you are one of the most exciting and promising acts in the Electronic Music scene right now. How do you feel about your success so far?

We’re really happy to see our hard work recognized, not only with the responses to our tracks but also how people react at our shows…so we’re definitely over the moon with all this and are working even harder  to not let anyone down.

You have a very distinctive sound. What are your main influences and inspirations for your music?

Our influences go from classic performers like Celeda , Carl Cox ,Ceballos or Dennis Ferrer to more contemporary ones like Tube and Berger , Sllash and Dope or Kölsch… so as all DJs do, we listen to thousands of hours of music to find 1 track that fits our sets, so these are the most important ones.

You formed the Bubba Brothers project in 2014. What motivated you to start this project and how has your musical journey evolved since then?

We’re celebrating our 10th anniversary next year and to be honest, what brought us together was karma. There’s no scientific explanation or logic, it was fate and we are very happy that we did it. Our project was never meant to be so big and serious like it has but now that it happened and it just feels great.

You have performed at some of the most iconic venues in the world, like Ministry of Sound in London and Es Paradis in Ibiza How do you prepare for your live shows and what do you enjoy the most about them?

There is no specific preparation, no matter whether you play for 300 or 30000. Usually what happens is that 10 minutes before going on stage, I run to the toilet 2 or 3 times. Sometimes, my mouth gets dry and I’m nervous like a 5 year old on their first day at school. Once you hit “Play” that all goes away like magic…I can t really explain, it’s just the magic of the moment.

You recently just completed your Frenetic tour? What have been some of the highlights and what are you looking forward to in the future?

We had many highlights, like our gig in ADE 2 weeks ago or Ibiza or the Noite Branca in the Algarve where we played for more than 10000 people. So we’ve been blessed with many highlights and hope that will be even better next year.

You have also released some of your tracks via your own imprint Mossdeb Sounds, which have reached the Top 40 on Beatport. What are the advantages and challenges of running your own label and what are your plans for it?

Running your own label is definitely something very exciting but it requires a lot of work and dedication. So next step will be signing Djs that look for an opportunity in the electronic music world and help them to succeed , given them our support and expertise so they can have success. So i’m sure there are very exciting things ahead. Stay tuned 😉