Caprices Festival, nestled in the Swiss Alps, presents an exhilarating blend of music, breathtaking scenery, and winter sports over two enchanting weekends.

In 2024 it celebrated its 21st edition and truly came of age. Caprices Festival‘s lineup spans a diverse range of genres, from techno and house to minimal and experimental, and now has a dedicated following of proper music heads.

For us, the weekend one showcased an array of standout performances across the many famous stages. The Forest Stage enchants with its woodland ambiance, featuring acts like Damian Lazarus and ARTBAT, and it delivered plenty of magic moments that kept the crowd moving, while Dutch don Chris Stussy dropping a Pink Floyd edit of Another Brick In The Wall on Friday was a standout moment.

Over on the epic Moon Stage, KINK played live with one of his exhilarating techno workouts and Ben Klock, electrified with his heavier techno. The festival’s production, particularly highlighted during Cocoon’s 25th-anniversary takeover which was full of colour, mad visuals and epic sounds from the label founded by ring leader Sven Väth, added another memorable moment to the festival.

The Cube Stage was open day and night and was a hotspot for fresh talents from around the globe and with sets from Alci, Ion Ludwig, and Margaret Dygas b2b Edward, they all served up some of the most heady and underground sounds of the weekend. On Sunday, Sonja Moonear‘s vibrant set on the Forest Stage got people locked in for the final few hours and perfectly set the stage for Luciano’s closing performance which was a masterful assault that spanned minimal from several eras. The Sky-themed Modernity Stage is another one with cutting edge production and nestled atop the Swiss Alps and has some stunning views but was closed due to super high winds, though all the acts played elsewhere.

For Weekend 2 MDRNTY Stage was back open which was a great delight to all in attendance and became a real point of focus for us. FUSE main man Enzo Siragusa played a next level set of further facing house, garage and tech with plenty of dub undercurrents and on the Sunday it was loop tech specialist Marco Carola who drove the crowds wild. Saturday DJ Tennis and AME were up there and ANOTR on the Friday meaning that the quality remained high throughout. This stage really is the highlight of Caprices with its stunning views of the Alps and the real sense of theatre and drama that brings to each set.