Not content with being a globe trotting artist, DJ Tennis gets set to launch his new brand show cooking show ‘Munchietown’.

DJ Tennis’ undeniable passion for gastronomy has never been secret. After previously owning his restaurant and crafting culinary experiences for many special events, it’s safe to say Tennis has got his kitchen skills down.

‘Munchietown’ bring both his passions of music and entertainment together in one show. Tailored for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, each 1 minute episode promises both chat and interesting recipe’s you can cook at home.

Tennis talks with an array of notable co-hosts and guests. The first three episodes feature acclaimed co-host chef and social media personality Paul Delrez, known for his ‘Hot Regressive Cuisine’. Together, while musing on life and food, they will conjure up 15 minute recipes, with every day ingredients.

Guests for the second and third shows respectively include wizard French producer and DJ Traumer followed by Parisian restaurateur Simon Auscher. World famous DJ and self-confessed foodie Seth Troxler is also confirmed for a later show.

Take a look at the teaser below and see for yourself.

Episode Guide

Episode 1: DJ Tennis and Paul Delrez releases on Dec 7
Episode 2: DJ Tennis and Paul Delrez and Traumer releases on Dec 26
Episode 3: DJ Tennis and Paul Delrez and Simon Auscher releases on TBC