Drivetrain, founder of Detroit based Soirée Records, has established his imprint as strong international focusing on underground, intelligent rhythm science, ranging from house techno to downtempo experimental and beyond.

Soirée Records has featured the music of over 100 different artists from around the globe. It’s policy can never be described as “cookie-cutter” or formula-based. Drivetrain’s intelligent selections have seen Soirée’s releases pushing boundaries through both his and the artists’ passion for discovering new sounds and techniques that inspire emotion.

In addition to Soirée Records, Drivetrain established his sister imprint and techno label, Xplor Music. This expanded his influence with a repertoire of quality ground-breaking tracks, leading to a continuous demand for material from both major and independent labels worldwide.

Drivetrain latest release on Soirée Records on it’s EP Deep River features tracks from label stalwart Melodymann, whose style fits perfectly because of his selection of samples and the era from which he choose them. “Keep It Movin” is enriched with uplifting vocal drops, spicy horn fills, funk bass, and electrifying beat oscillation.

The second track, “Up & Down,” maintains the energy but substitutes the horn fills with jazzy keyboard riffs while the vocal slices continue to drop over bouncing subfrequencies.

The two Drivetrain tracks have a retro-disco feel, but with a modern sophistication. There’s no mistaking the influence of the bass lines. The vocal also reflects that momentous era in music. Drivetrain’s tracks: The first, “Music Got Me,” is described as a sophisticated blend of retro and modern chic with a rolling bass and melodious string accompaniment.

The second track, “Afterhours Mix,” follows a similar path but incorporates an electronic touch on the retro syncopation.

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