DRUNKEN KONG has always been active in the Tokyo techno scene, playing regularly at major festivals such as Ultra Japan and in clubs such as WOMB, Ageha, Unit, Vent, Contact and Vision Tokyo.

Places to eat

Ukai-tei Toriyama, this restaurant is located an hour away from central Tokyo but it has amazing view, amazing food and amazing service! It feels like you are back in time. Very traditional feel to the entire place. They have multiple restaurants each with different concept but Ukai Toriyama is the main one.

Ebisusan; this is our local hangout spot. Its a restaurant that basically uses a very old traditional style Japanese house as the restaurant. Its very local but the staffs are very friendly and the food is good. Super local hangout spot for drinkers!

Ichiran Ramen; this place is a very interesting place to go as tourist. Its basically a ramen place but you sit in your own cubicle and you enjoy the ramen in your own space. Good ramen and very unique experience. It’s a very popular spot for tourist so expect some wait time before being served.


Azumaya is a DJ bar located in Shibuya. Very cool space with specialty in Sake mojito, Coffee shochu, Fire apple wine. A great place to hang out.

ENTER Shibuya is a newly opened venue which has a very cool layout. Basically the DJ booth is in the center so it has the Boiler Room feel.They also have very good whiskey such as the famous Yamazaki Hibiki. They also have Habu Shu- which is liquor from Okinawa made from snake! Gives you alot of energy!


WOMB is a world famous and respected venue from Tokyo. Its definitely one the best venues here and it has an amazing history being the home to many of world famous artists and DJs such as Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin, Christian Smith and many more.

VENT Tokyo: VENT is a very cool venue to go to. The sound quality is amazing. It almost feels like you are in a recording studio. This venue is also very famous with many respected international acts playing there. They host a wide range of parties from deep techno to minimal and disco.


Shibuya is probably one of the more popular and known place in Tokyo. This place is like a home to us. We have been hanging out in Shibuya since we were teenagers and even to this day, there are so many things to do. Shopping, dining, drinking and clubbing, this place has it all! Its also the place that is famous for the crowded crossing featured in many movies.

Nakano is one spot we have been going for a long time. Very nice and traditional vibes with lots of restaurants and bars. Nakano is also famous for a shopping centre named Nakano Broadway. This place is a very unique shopping centre with many shops that sell comic books and rare anime goods and toys. A very interesting place to go if you are into Japanese anime and comic books!

Asakusa is one of the most famous historical place to go in Tokyo. This place is the old downtown of Tokyo with many temples and shrines. The building and shops are also very traditional. It’s a must see place if you want to see the history of Tokyo.

Ueno is the place for trying different street food. Not only Japanese food but also many good Chinese street food! Its one of our favourite spots in Tokyo.



Hakone is a very famous spot for its hot springs baths. It`s the To-Go spot for us when we want to take some time away from the city and just chill. Lots of nature and beautiful hot spring hotels It`s must go place if you like to take bath and relax.


Mt. Takao is a mountain approximately an hour away from central Tokyo. Its a great spot for hiking. The mountain also has many shrines and shops that you can enjoy while climbing up the mountain. The best part is, its just an hour away from the city!