has been a resident at Sub Club in Glasgow for over 5 years, and it will now be the new home to his new label’s launch party on the 22nd of March, as well as Parallel Visions branded events. The parties invite world-renowned artists, as well as some of Scotland’s homegrown talent,

Kicking the label off with an electrifying five-track debut EP titled ‘Sacrifices For Success’, it’s brimming with a blend of contemporary Techno and time-honoured genre influence.

‘Are You Paranoid’ launches the A-side with a modern twist, featuring a gripping acid bassline and explicit peak-time intensity. ‘Nostalgic Pain’ delves into a captivating blend of hard-hitting techno vibes and iconic sonics, reminiscent of acid and rave renaissance. The title track, ‘Sacrifices For Success,’ combines old-school Techno core with pulsating low-end, climactic sci-fi synths, and hypnotic vocals, telling a euphoric story. ‘Method In The Madness’ progresses with celestial harmonies and industrial grooves, delivering a pedal-to-the-medal experience. Closing with ‘Escape With Me,’ a 90’s-inspired dance track, shares stories from his career, blending past and present influences.

“I wanted to end the release with a more timeless track” adds “They all tell a story about something that I have gone through during my career so far, and this track has a little past and present in it. 90’s inspiration but implemented in a modern way”.’s ‘Sacrifices For Success’ EP is available on vinyl and digital from the 3rd May, on Parallel Visions.


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