The innovative French electronic music band Contrefaçon is back with an incredible new single “SOMA” out today on their label Façon Contraire.


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SOMA initiates an immersive journey with strong visuals and a powerful storytelling proper to the band’s DNA, introducing the storyline for their new album which is scheduled for September 2025.

The band is composed of 4 versatile Parisians and childhood friends where in 2016, they collectively decided to concentrate their efforts on a shared project, leading to the formation of Contrefaçon. They excel in blending diverse musical genres and crafting immersive experiences through their productions and video performances. With four EPs, one album, twenty-two music videos, and a short film under their belt, they have firmly solidified their presence in the French electronic music scene. Known for their visually striking aesthetics, Contrefaçon plays with conventions and sparks the imagination of their audience

“SOMA” offers an airy, solar, and electronic sound, infused with UK and breakbeat influences, a perfect match for the seasonal spirit. . With its warm vocals and catchy rhythms, this track is the perfect anthem for this summer, inviting dance and celebration.

In keeping with Contrefaçon’s signature style, the single is accompanied by a homemade music video featuring a compelling visual storyline. The video stars Antoine, a familiar character in the band’s cinematic world, portraying a member of a task force assigned to disrupt free parties.

Artist: Contrefaçon
Title: SOMA
Record Label: Façon Contraire
Release Date: 20th June 2024