Liverpool’s newest small club Spray Shop celebrates the power of intimacy in the music community with a mini-documentary

In the midst of club closures and the dominance of large-scale events and festivals, one visionary club owner and DJ wants to pay homage and celebrate the resilience of small clubs and the indelible mark they leave on the music industry.


Meet Kyle Muldoon, the trailblazing founder of Liverpool’s newest gem – the Spray Shop which since its opening has welcomed artists such as Archie Hamilton, Richy Ahmed and Mason Collective through its doors.

While the industry wrestles with challenges, Muldoon believes in the indispensable role of small clubs as a pulsating heart within the music community. Recognizing the significance of these intimate spaces, the Spray Shop has partnered with the acclaimed photographer and director, Megan Jepson, and the renowned DOP of Amity Studio, Ben Hale, to create a captivating short film. The narrative unfolds through the unique lens’ of three key figures:

Kyle Muldoon – A visionary and passionate club owner who defied convention by opening the Spray Shop. The video delves into Muldoon’s motivations behind the creation of this vibrant space in Liverpool.

Jay Johnson – A devoted raver and regular on the dance floor, Jay Johnson, offers insights into the pivotal role small clubs play in nurturing relationships and forging lasting connections.

Copasetic – A highly talented DJ and Producer, Copasetic, shares personal reflections on why small clubs hold a special place in their heart. The film uncovers how these intimate settings fuel creativity and impact the music-making process.

The video captures the essence of the Spray Shop’s wider mission – to celebrate the value of small clubs and artists and their undeniable contribution to the wider clubbing community. The initiative and video is backed also by the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) whose CEO Michael Kill explains;

“I am fervently committed to championing the vital role that grass roots venues and clubs like Spray Shop in Liverpool, play as the beating heart of our communities and the very essence of UK club culture. These intimate spaces serve as incubators for creativity, enabling emerging artists to refine their talents and establish themselves on the cultural landscape. Moreover, these venues act as social hubs, fostering a sense of belonging and unity among diverse groups of people. They provide a canvas for cultural expression, where music, art, and identity intertwine, creating an environment that celebrates our shared values and individuality alike. Preserving and supporting these spaces is not just about sustaining an industry; it’s about safeguarding the soul of our communities and upholding a legacy of innovation that has defined British nightlife for generations.”

He goes on to add: “UK club culture owes its vibrancy and resilience to the grassroots venues and clubs that have shaped its evolution. These spaces embody a spirit of authenticity and passion that cannot be replicated elsewhere. From iconic venues that have hosted legendary performances to the smaller clubs that provide a platform for local artists, each holds a unique place in our cultural fabric. Beyond entertainment, they contribute to local economies, generate employment opportunities, and foster a sense of pride in the neighborhoods they inhabit. As we navigate the future, it is paramount that we recognize and support these venues, not just as places to dance and enjoy music, but as vital components of our identity, our sense of place, and the continued growth of the UK’s unparalleled club culture.”

To align with the release of the video Spray Shop have announced artists for their Autumn / Winters in-hour programming which kicks off on September 2nd with Rossko, Subb-An and CHKLTE.

Acts confirmed for the Autumn / Winter programming include KILIMANJARO, Laidlaw, Julian Anthony, Koko, Lauren Lo Sung, Shonky, Koko, Sorely, Subb-An, Rossko, Laidlaw, Fat Tony, Gettoblaster + many more TBA

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