UNUM Festival 2024 this year exceeded all expectations! Held from June 6-11th in the picturesque Albanian Riviera, it was a perfect blend of nature and music.

The festival site in Shëngjin, surrounded by mountains, beaches, and pine forests, set a breathtaking stage for non-stop musical adventures.

The lineup was stellar, featuring renowned names like Raresh, Rhadoo, Sonja Moonear, and Christian AB, alongside new talents like Altin Bosh and Korolova. The music never stopped, especially at the Pine Stage, which hosted 24-hour sets that carried us from magical sunsets to euphoric sunrises. Standout performances on the Pine Stage included sets from Franco Cinelli, O.BEE & Tomas Station, Ricardo Villalobos, and Dungeon Meat.

Ricardo Villalobos was on top form with a 2-hour and 30-minute set that seamlessly wove between pumping house and obscure electronica, peaking as he spun Chris Korda’s “Victim Of Leisure” just as the sun rose over the Pine Stage. Sonja Moonear wasted no time on the decks, kicking off her set with the high-energy, 90s-inspired track “Charrua En Bote” by Luis Malon. Franco Cinelli, the Argentinian DJ and producer, was a clear fan favorite, igniting the crowd with an electric set that kept hands waving and feet moving throughout. His set included the standout track “Eve of Chemical” by Gojnea76.

Other standout tunes that added to the festival’s vibrant atmosphere included “Audacity” by Rojabeat (O.BEE & Tomas Station Remix), “The Poem” (2000 Remix) by Delicious Inc. (Sonja Moonear), and “Overseas” by A.T. (Praslesh).

UNUM’s dedication to quality was evident in everything from the superb sound systems to the carefully curated stage designs. The festival’s intimate and uncommercial vibe fostered a close-knit community of music lovers who truly appreciate underground sounds. Stage hosts like Discotech, D-EDGE, and Keep on Dancing brought their own unique energy, making each set a distinct experience.

Beyond the music, UNUM offers an escape into nature and culture, away from the mainstream. It’s a festival that attracts those who seek something special and unforgettable. If you love house and techno, this is a must-attend event. Can’t wait for next year!