A 40-foot T. rex skeleton known as ‘Shen’ could fetch up to $25 million when it goes up for auction in Hong Kong in November. Shen – which was unearthed in the Hell Creek Formation, in McCone County, Montana in 2020 – lived during the Cretaceous Period, around 68-66 million years ago. The ‘scientifically-important’ and rare skeleton has since been reassembled in an accurate pose ‘epitomising the T. rex’s infamous ferocity’. The auction, set to take place on November 30, will be the first time a T. rex skeleton has ever been offered at auction in Asia. Staff at auction house Christie’s expect the sale price to be in the region of HK$120 million to HK$200 million (£14 million to £23.4 million, or $15 million to $25 million). The winning buyer could potentially be a multi-millionaire private collector who wants to display Shen in their massive mansion – something that has proved a point of contention with paleontologists.