Stalwart of the German techno scene, Gregor Tresher teams up with Spanish supremos and major festival headliners, Pig&Dan.


In many ways, it’s a surprise not to see these guys collaborate more often, as their connection goes back almost as far as their discographies. Both sharing a style of techno that incorporates melodic elements, their “Challenger” EP on Truesoul is everything you would expect from the pairing.

The title track is hypnotic with it’s rippling tones and modulating melodies, while the opening cut “Granular” is darker and more understated with dystopian synth lines amidst precision sequenced percussion.

Their mix for the Flow Techno podcast starts deep and stripped back while slowly ramping up the intensity as the drama unfolds. Shrouded in shadowy atmosphere and brooding intensity, it’s a perfectly programmed mix that showcases their expert DJ skills.

The mix opens and closes with tracks from the Truesoul EP which can be purchased from HERE


  1. Pig&Dan & Gregor Tresher – Granular (Truesoul)
  2. Wata Igarashi – Cylinder (Figure)
  3. Sudo – Karma (Break New Soil)
  4. Marco Effe – Related Series (Break New Soil)
  5. Manic Brothers – Doer (Consumed)
  6. Petar Dundov – Feed (Break New Soil)
  7. Deniro – Infrared (DGTL)
  8. MODIG – Testo (Suara)
  9. Müzmin – Gum (Planet Rhythm)
  10. Octavio – Space Tunnel (LPZ Records)
  11. Igor Ochoa – Resurgance (Advanced Black)
  12. Pig&Dan & Gregor Tresher – Challenger (Truesoul)