Born from a time of strife and darkness, You Will Shine is the second full length album from Uf0, charting a path through the worst times the Spanish producer ever experienced.

Uf0’s album “You Will Shine” takes the listener on a journey from darkness to light with its combination of raving acid and electro. The album begins with the sweet melancholy of “That Saturday Night”, featuring introspective lyrics and soft beats that flicker like lights. The mood shifts to optimism with the upbeat shuffles of “Happy Voices In My Head”, finding catharsis in hazy acid and electro rhythms.

Throughout “Assimilation Of My Freedom”, ghostly vocals shimmer with cinematic strings and punchy beats, echoing the phrase “Going nowhere”. “Suicidal Thoughts” turns up the intensity with jittery breakbeats and moments of stillness punctuated by the sound of broken glass. “Welcome Adrian” features warm drilling beats and metallic percussion, while “Adrian It Was Not The Right Time” drifts into an ambient ocean before swaying back into electro rhythms.

The penultimate title track is somewhat retro-tinged with glittering synths and gated snares flowing over a catchy bassline, shaking off the demons with dazzling dance music. Overall, “You Will Shine” is a dynamic album that explores a range of emotions through its combination of acid and electro rhythms.