Classically trained producer and DJ Cenk Karaferya aka CENKK beautifully engages countertenor voice with his electronic productions. With influences ranging from Klaus Nomi to Kraftwerk, Handel to Henze, Cenk paints a unique new soundscape. In support of his new release, he shares with us his top 10 tracks to fuel his workouts

CENKK – Feel It

Funky vocals and punchy kicks is the perfect recipe for a mirror check. Been listening to this one often as it’s fresh.

Soel – Leave No Trace

It’s that ethnic sound that Soel captures which gets me. No compromises on the driving rhythm, this track makes sure you are on the go.

Massano – Talking

Kick and bass plus the robotic vocals makes this the first track I usually push myself onto the gym floor to.

Disfreq – Demand

Crunch of a track. New addition to my ears but often working out to it. Love a bit of rap on melodic tracks these days, when it’s done tastefully.

Shiffer – Irie

What a tune. Been playing this all over. How can you not move when the track says ‘everybody move’!

CENKK – Want My Love?

Driving melodic techno with big rises and drops. One that will get you on peak time of your workout.

Adriatique, Eynka – Beyond Us (Hatshepsut Version)

Absolutely in love with this track. A track that has so much depth. It’s the vocals that gets me. Nice new version which has that Keinemusik vibes of.

Argy, Basset – Sierra

This track has that fierce rhythm to it. Always gets me going on my workouts.

WhoMadeWho, Adriatique – Miracle

Gotta have that – I’m singing inside while working out – song. Beautiful lyrics, emotional and is sometimes I listen to in and out of the gym.

Althoff, HeAndMe – Feeling

This tracks has that fierce vibe to it. I’ve played it a lot and still do in my sets.

CENKK’s “&techno” EP is out on BAU_HAUS on 17th May
Grab it here