In response to the recent earthquake that devastated Turkey and Syria, some of the biggest names in house music have come together to show their solidarity and support. These producers have collaborated on a 21-track fundraiser compilation, with all proceeds going towards providing much-needed relief to those who have lost their families and homes in this tragedy.

The compilation is set to go on sale, with all proceeds donated directly to AHBAP, a reliable and independent non-governmental organization that is currently working tirelessly to provide aid and support to those affected by the earthquake. AHBAP’s mission is to help those who have been impacted by natural disasters, conflict, and poverty, and they are currently on the ground in the affected regions, providing assistance to those who need it most.

Speaking about the initiative, East End Dubs said, “Thanks to the artists for their track donations, and Bandcamp for waiving their fees.

“Now more than ever is a time for unity, solidarity, and to support a nation that has been shaken. It’s crucial for us to use our voice to create widespread awareness of the situation in Turkey and Syria, and to give our support in every way possible.”

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