Leipzig based melodic techno producer Aio’s signature sound has won him many fans across different continents.

Releases until now on labels like Senso Sounds, Stil vor Talent, Parquet Recordings and Jannowitz Records only offer a small hint of his true versatility in sound design. Aio’s strong basslines with dark elements, meet elegant melodies, that shake your bones and fondle your soul.

Aio’s energetic sets have earned great him notoriety already with his performance at Fusion Festival’s famous ‘Tanzwüste’ being a huge crowd talking point.

We premiere “Shifting Reality” from his new EP ‘Illusion’ out now on the Hamburg based Techno Label Alula Tunes. As expected, the track is a strong mix of mystical and driving sounds. a dark synthesizer melody leading to an impulsive drop and is thus truly created for the underground…

“A strong roar accompanied by the gentle chirping of crickets. A dark mood paired with the vibrance of a hummingbird. A universe of sounds that provides endless possibilities.” – Aio