Human Rias has assisted the management of ARTBAT, worked for Cosmopop, and was the former Creative Director of Mixed Munich Arts, a legendary German techno club that was one of the best in the country throughout the 2020s. These days he is focused on his own new music, new label and continuing to DJ at the world’s most revered clubs and festivals.

Hi Human, after working as an agent, booker, tour manager, you have managed to fast track your production and DJ career and are performing at some of the biggest events worldwide. How would you best describe your taste and style? 

I’ve been a musician from the beginning, that’s what I started with, as I played the violin at the ace of 8 years old. However, I always wanted to know and understand every aspect of the music industry, so that I can use and apply the knowledge to guide myself independently as an artist. As for my style of music, it’s a sound that makes me feeling something, and that moves and triggers memories. I guess its classed as sitting somewhere between house and techno.

Why do you think playing your remix of ‘Baraye’ at Tomorrowland caused such a viral reaction? We see the video hit over 3 million views.

I honestly didn’t plan to play it at Tomorrowland, I just felt a calling to do so, and the moment was right. Shervin won a Grammy for the song, and it’s an incredibly important to the people of Iran. It’s their hymn of freedom but also grief. When I saw the Iranian flags being waved in the crowd by my brothers and sisters, I knew then that I played this for the right reasons. I believe that it went viral as it gave hope to Iranians.

Tell us about your label and the philosophy behind it?

7 Rituals, my newly found label, is an output of beautiful music, a space for many new coming artists, and especially a place where I will release a lot of Iranian artists forthcoming. Our philosophy is as its name: 7 Rituals, that will unfold over the next 7 years.

Why did the release of ‘Baraye’ lead to Shervin Hajipour’s arrest in Iran?

When he wrote that song and published it and it went viral around the world, with Coldplay playing it in Buenos Aires along with many other artists too. The arrest followed straight away as this is how the Iranian government deals with people. But I don’t want to get too much into politics here.

Movements like Live Aid and bands such as Pink Floyd have had a serious impact on the world. Do you believe dance music can be a force for change and how can it evolve to have more meaning?

Music is an elementary part of everyone’s life. Every person has a soundtrack in their life from when they grew up to adulthood, old age etc. Why should dance music be exempt from that? Actually, dance music is for myself, one of the most unifying sounds, especially techno. This unity is what separates us, and we shouldn’t be afraid as a unity to stand up for something. even if it’s just dancing together. Don’t forget dance music originates from unifying.

The dance music industry is extremely political but should politics and wars matter when it comes to music? 

Music is for everybody, and everyone chooses what to listen to. Yes, our music industry is very political. Dance music is a political movement to parts already, so yes, wars matter and we can unite and dance for the purpose of raising awareness on certain topics, if those topics are peace, love and unity. Dance music is a peaceful movement.

Dance music has always stood for peace, love, respect and unity. Is it fair for labels to discriminate on signing tracks from artists based on race, ethnicity, cultural or religious beliefs? 

I believe that when it comes to music and artists there is only one thing that matters, and that’s the music. No matter what gender, race, ethnicity. Yet certain beliefs that go against peace love and unity should not be tolerated. As an example, I would never sign an artist who discriminates or is racist in any shape or form.

I honestly don’t want to make a statement about other people’s decisions, but everyone knows what their own beliefs are and what they stand for, which varies from person to person. Just be someone who sticks by your truth and have empathy when doing so.

‘Satisfy my Soul’ is out soon. Is there a story behind it?

Actually, this track is from last year, it was directly after EXIT festival 2022 when I opened and close Dance arena as the first ever artist in their history. My soul was satisfied. It also shows mixture of styles, house, melodic techno, indie and techno. A unity.

Which other labels are you working with and what are the best ways for artists to look to organically grow their career in this climate?

I’m focussed on my own label mainly, but of course also working very closely with Techno Tehran Records. A few more releases on other labels are also coming, but more on that later.