As ARTCORE hits its tenth release, the label ups the ante with a stellar collaboration between Techno heavyweight Joseph Capriati and label head Indira Paganotto for their new two-track EP “Mantra”.

“Mantra” showcases the dynamic synergy between Joseph and Indira. The first track, “Ananda,” is a powerhouse of classic Techno elements. It features Capriati’s signature thumping kicks, crisp percussion, and energetic progressions, seamlessly blended with Indira’s hypnotic vocal chops and gritty LFO shots.

The title track, “Mantra,” takes a dive into the psychedelic realm. It’s a darker, more immersive experience with undulating low-end grooves, creative off-beat flair, and shifting rhythms, all wrapped in a spiritually uplifting package. This track perfectly encapsulates Indira’s rising influence in the Psy scene.

Joseph Capriati, known for his unforgettable mainstage performances and Ibiza residencies, has been selective with his studio work in recent years. This collaboration with Indira is a testament to ARTCORE’s growing impact on the global dance music stage.

Joseph Capriati & Indira Paganotto’s “Mantra” drops on June 13th on ARTCORE.