Per Pleks is known for his stompy, dark and hard hitting sounds with which he creates his definition of techno as a DJ and producer.

He loves to combine his diverse taste in techno into his unique sound and sets new boundaries of energy. Living and working in Dortmund, Germany, he is involved in plenty of event series and also the founder of the “escape raves” and the label “RAVE ON!”

His productions and DJ-sets already get recognition for the driving and stomping sound through a range of tempo and level of hardness. Dark, heavy and hard hitting sounds is his definition of the sound he creates and plays.

For his releases on both national and international labels and platforms like “Revised Records”, “TX RECORDS” and “RAVE ON!” he is spending most of his time in the studio improving his sounds and pushing boundaries. His charts dominating release “WHAT THE FXCK” was on the #1 for 5 weeks straight.

Per Pleks is known for playing spontaneous and crowd reading sets. Precise selection of tracks take you on a journey that will leave you perplex. Be sure to follow him on is way through techno in all its facets.