Shot in Odesa, Ukraine by Kyrylo Tsvirkun, art director of famous Odesa nightclub “Tseh33”, the video plots a failed fighters return to relevance.

Re:drum is as a prominent figure in the emerging wave of electronic music originating from Eastern Europe. His dynamic and aggressive electronic sounds, fused with heavy bass lines and distorted drums, are littered with sounds from different musical cultures, from ethnic music/latina to punk & metal .

“Bollywood EP” first signalled the Ukrainian’s rise to relevance, with follow up EPs, “Slavic Madness”, “Bassboosted Edits”, “New Folk” and “Digital Violence” seeing him gain support from the likes of The Glitch Mob, Daria Kolosova, Partiboi, SPFDJ, Anetha, Valentino Khan, Randomer, Jensen Interceptor, Elli Acula, Hadone, Prospa, and gain releases on labels such as: Molekul, Tripalium Corp, Low Income Squad, Jerry Horny and many more.

His video debut, “The King Is Back” tells the story of a fighter. Once the king of streets, unable to cope with defeat, he goes down the road of alcohol and drugs. Gathering his thoughts, he takes his revenge the streets and shows that the King has returned.

“The idea for the video came about because I used Conor McGregor’s phrase “Surprise, surprise, motherf*cker, the king is back!” a legendary slogan he made in one his UFC fights a long time ago”, said Re:drum. “We went and found 2 fighters from local fight clubs, supporting actors, extras and a film crew.”