Massimo Logli, the Italian underground tastemaker, returns triumphantly to his own Superba Records with his electrifying ‘Kang’ EP , continuing his impressive streak. Known for his diverse sonic palette, Logli once again proves his versatility with this release. Download Massimo’s ‘Kang’ EP from Beatport:

Let’s delve into the tracks…

Anser: This hard-edged trancey techno cut is a relentless journey. Imagine being on a dimly lit dance floor, surrounded by pulsating strobe lights. The beat is unyielding, like the steady thump of your heartbeat as you lose yourself in the music – a fire first opener.

Biham: Here, Logli’s brilliance shines through once again. Biham is a sonic kaleidoscope – a swirling vortex of hard acid techno sound that draws you in. Picture a warehouse rave at 3 a.m. The kick drum reverberates through your chest, urging you to move. But it’s the acid line that steals the show. It snakes around your consciousness, teasing and tormenting. The beat is relentless, driving you deeper into the night. Biham embodies controlled chaos – a dancefloor anthem that blurs the lines between reality and euphoria.

Kang: The final track is a revelation. Kang is like a thunderstorm brewing on the horizon. The kick drum is a primal force, shaking the ground beneath your feet. But it’s the acid lead synth that steals your breath away. It swells and surges like a tidal wave of sound. Close your eyes, and you’re transported to a dark, cavernous club. The air is thick with anticipation, and Kang is the lightning that splits the sky. It’s raw, visceral, and utterly captivating.

Superba Records has once again delivered a sonic masterpiece, and Logli’s name is etched yet again in the annals of Italian underground techno history.

Massimo Logli’s ‘Kang’ EP is out now on his Superba Records imprint: