Victor Ruiz, a dynamic selector with a deep appreciation for music, crafts compelling sets full of vigour and vibrancy.

A Brazilian now based in Europe, he has been a constant presence on the world stage since 2013, mesmerizing audiences with his DJ performances at influential events. In the studio, he releases top-notch techno productions showcasing his distinct musicality and energy. Victor’s upbeat approach is evident in his arsenal of edits, including iconic tracks like ‘Breathe’ by The Prodigy and ‘Everything Counts’ by Depeche Mode. With a lifelong dedication to music, Victor Ruiz is hardworking, talented, and driven by passion.
Inspired by his brother’s love for heavy metal, Victor learned to play multiple instruments and joined bands during his formative years. He pursued electronic music production in university, drawing influences from Daft Punk, MTV, and Fruity Loops. As a DJ, he refined his skills through challenging experiences, learning in the field without decks at home.

Victor’s profile in Brazil skyrocketed with a big hit, leading to performances at major festivals and venues, connecting him with international selectors. In 2013, his first European tour marked a turning point in his career, exposing him to Europe’s progressive club culture. His international profile grew rapidly, eventually leading him to relocate to Berlin in 2018.

Currently, Victor Ruiz travels the world with a busy schedule of gigs, delivering powerful performances that entertain and challenge the dance floor. He has gained a massive global following, captivating audiences with his musical odyssey. Victor’s studio work on labels like Drumcode, Noir Music, and Suara showcases his playful attitude and unique sound, influenced by various genres. His music reflects his identity and serves as an invitation to get to know him better.

Still playing the bass guitar, Victor remains deeply passionate about music. He appreciates the simple things in life and approaches his craft with humility. His goal is to inject positive energy into the lives of his listeners, providing them with moments of self-expression, escapism, and catharsis. Victor Ruiz continues his lifelong mission with a smile, an open heart, and an open mind.