In recent years, Brazilian-born DJ and producer Alex Stein have become one of techno’s most exciting new names.

A hectic global touring schedule that saw him DJ at some of the world’s leading clubs and events built Alex a strong reputation as an international act, helped in no small part by his energy-filled sets and thumping dancefloor tunes.

Born in São Paulo, Stein was whisked off to Berlin when he was a few months old, living there until he was six when he and his family returned to Brazil. A rebellious teenager who was expelled from three schools, he developed a love for music in the same way that many do, through going to local parties and rave events. As the years passed, he became more and more involved in the culture and craft of dance music and began to develop his own production skills.

In 2018 Alex’s career began to take off, with the year seeing him release debut EPs on Tronic and Filth On Acid, while also signing with both Miracle MGMT in Spain and Kontrast Artists in Germany. Perhaps the biggest change though came in the form of a move to Berlin, a return to the city of his early childhood, and on arrival at the capital of techno that offered more gigs, more connections and more opportunities to immerse himself in the music lifestyle. Stein’s nomadic ascension was reaching a peak at this point, and the array of releases he’s put out since his return to Berlin as well as the support they’ve received only serves to underline how well-practiced he has become at his craft.