Bamboleo Records frontmen Neverdogs, the dynamic duo of Tommy Paone and Marco De Gregorio, have been an integral part of the global underground dance music scene for over two decades. Hailing from Italy, the duo’s feel-good and uplifting sets, infused with sensual tones and upbeat House & Techno, have become synonymous with avant-garde dance cuts.

Drawing inspiration from diverse influences, including Punk, Electro, Experimental Rock, and iconic artists like Larry Levan and Masters At Work, Neverdogs has crafted a blueprint that sets them apart. Their residency at Amnesia Ibiza with Music On, appearances at festivals like Destino Ibiza and Fabric London, and releases on top-tier labels like elrow Music and Deeperfect solidify their status as electronic music pioneers.

The Italian duo recently released an impressive collaborative EP with Cosmin Horatiu and Magaziine on Mason Collective’s Whippin imprint. You can check it out here:

We caught up with Tommy and Marco off the back of their latest work for a chat about music, mental health, promoting themselves and much more:  

Hey guys, thanks for joining us. Where are you now, and what have you been up to over the last few weeks?

Hello, guys; thanks for the opportunity to have this interview. At the moment, we are in Lisbon. We have recently been touring Mexico, Costa Rica, the USA, and Italy.  

Let’s talk about your latest release on Mason Collective’s WHIPPIN label. What can you tell us about ‘Read My Mind’?

We were excited to release the Read My Mind EP on Mason Collective’s WHIPPIN label. We made the two tracks with our dear friend and Romanian artist Cosmin Horatiu and our London friend and singer Magaziine.  

Collaborating with other artists can often be a lengthy and meticulous process. How did you all come together on this one, and what was the process like?

We produced the two tracks in our old Music Studio in Barcelona. Then we sent the first arrangement ideas to Magaziine, and she liked and recorded the vocals parts, and we finished the project.

How has the release been going on in your sets and on the dancefloor?

Every time we play both tracks, we get a big reaction from the crowd, with everybody with their hands up. 

You also run your label, Bamboleo. What can you tell us about that?

Bamboleo Records was a big step in our career. We created our partners and collaborators, a team, and artists as if they were a big family.

The brand continues to grow on an international scale every year. Do you have any big plans for Bamboleo in 2024?

We are currently working on several projects, but we cannot announce yet.

Are any up-and-coming artists catching your eye at the moment?

Lolah, Artslaves, Adez, Kirik, Miss Wallace, James Cole, On-Off, Andrea Rossi, Charlie Japicone.

Lastly, leave us with a track you love to end your sets with and tell us why it’s so special.

Metroplane’s ‘Be Where I Am’ (Feat. Daniel Wilson) is a track released in 2019 and has the perfect combination of rhyme, bass line and vocals played as the last track in the right moment, producing a perfect happiness in the people on the dance floor.

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