Brazilian producer Alex Stein has made a big name for himself Europe through releases on labels including Filth On Acid, Terminal M, Drumcode. His debut EP for fellow Brazilian, Victor Ruiz’s label VOLTA is out now as he shares his insider tips to São Paulo

Places to Eat 

São Paulo is famous for having a hugely diverse gastronomy and has some of my favorite places ever. One of those places to eat is Braz Trattoria. They are located on the famous Paulista Avenue which in of itself is great as that Avenue is one of the most visited places in São Paulo and home to many worth-seeing sites. Braz is known for its pasta and mostly their Pizza’s but my favorite dish is their take on the Carbonara. It’s to die for! They also have homemade Pappardelle which is also crazy good. Highly recommend!

Another place that I love is Z Deli, at Oscar Freire Avenue. They are Pastrami specialists, and their huge Pastrami, relish and mayo sandwich is my favorite comfort food when I do have a hangover ha-ha!


There are just so many good bars in São Paulo, the ‘paulistas’ (people born in São Paulo state) do love a bohemian lifestyle. But there are also a few hidden gems in the city.

One of those is is the Bar Santana in the neighbourhood of Pinheiros. It is installed in a small house and its front garden and is famous for its constantly rotating menu (they change the cocktails menu every 6 months) but also for the few drinks that have stayed as a staple on the menu because of how famous they became. These are called ‘The Untouchables’. One of them is called the ‘Moringa’ and it joins Vodka, Goiaba Liqueur and a few other goodies to create an award-winning cocktail. They literally won an award for this. Aside from that there some small bites but I honestly just come here for the drinks!

Another place that I frequented a lot when living in São Paulo was the SubAstor bar. Nowadays the speakeasy kind of style bars are more famous in São Paulo but the SubAstor was the first one of its kind. I go there when I feel like having anything with Gin as their Gin cocktails are amazing and I honestly cannot just pick one. Go try for yourself and let me know your favourite!


The best club in São Paulo is and has been for many years, D.EDGE club. Located in Barra Funda this club has been a staple of electronic music in the city for many years. Founded by my now friend Renato Ratier, a world-renowned DJ and Producer, this club has been host to so many amazing memories that I just cannot pick any other club as my favorite in São Paulo. My recommended night to go there is on Thursdays and I just love the vibe on the main floor with the now lights embedded in the walls that react to the music, almost like a analyzer, which now have become famous.

Other places to visit

São Paulo is a huge city so it can take quite some time to drive around it because of the traffic. I grew up in the neighbourhood of Interlagos, right next to the Formula 1 racetrack. So that is one of my favourite places to be as there is a lot of green and is located between two major bodies of water so there’s some water activity to do there as well.

Another place I used to take my dog to is the biggest park in São Paulo, the Ibiapuera Park. It is immense and there basically fun to be had for all ages, from Skateboarding to walking the doggo to just sitting and enjoying the sun. I love that city!